Friday, February 29, 2008

Cute or what?!

Since our bathroom is still awaiting a new tub surround (I hate the mud, wait, sand, mud, wait, sand stage and it's finally moved on to primer and paint - yay!), we have not been using the bathtub for the past month (taking into consideration that we were gone two weeks, I shouldn't be complaining). So anyways, the older girls have been showering but Alyssa has been loving the sink which she just fits into still. The water level is drastically lower by the end of the bath since she loves to splash, and I think she's enjoying the solitude of a bath to herself (her sisters can be a tad overwhelming at times, to put it mildly).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

four sisters

Just wanted to post a pic of the four sisters. The photo op. doesn't come around too often.

Back from holidays

So we're back home again. Since Brad's surgery, we spent two weeks visiting his family. The temperature ranged from -35 plus wind chill all the way up to +8 while we were there.

The girls had a blast playing in the snow, bonding with their cousins, toboganning, visiting LOTS of extended family, going on the rides at THE MALL (they loved the kiddie roller coaster, I'm still kicking myself for not bringing my camera there to show off their wide open mouth scared/ecstatic faces), spending time with Gramma & Grampa and their aunts and uncles, visiting Grampa when he had to stay at the hospital, playing with the kitties (mostly Chantel but we're seriously talking about getting one now to help Elayna get over her fear of animals, we just want one declawed to save our new couches), etc, etc.

Brad spent his time recovering, napping, playing on his brother's sled, clearing the huge driveway and "parking lot" with the quad, bonding with his family, etc, etc.

I got to spend lots of time bonding with my sister-in-law and we even completed a quilt top for my niece's bed (I want pics when the binding is done!). I also got two dresses for E & C almost completed - just need to finish the neckline and some extra touches. I had a great time visiting everyone, the kids were great, and enjoyed the break from everyday life while having Brad around everyday.

But now we're home. Do I miss everyone there? Definitley. Do I miss bundling up the kids just to walk a couple hundred meters from my in-laws to my sister-in-laws? Definitely not. The cold winters are something I don't miss about living there. Brad actually got a job offer which included a wage comparable to what he gets now plus moving expenses. Did we consider it? Not really, but if it had been a huge difference in wage, the idea of owning a few acres with a nice house and a smaller mortgage, is definitley appealing. But for now, we like where we are, the friendships we've made here, the warmer winters, and being close to my family. But it will be interesting to see what the future will hold.

The view from K & S's place.

How many kids can fit on one tube ride?

Alyssa and Mommy.

All the kiddies together.

Monday, February 4, 2008