Friday, May 23, 2008

Kindergarten Day!

My "big" girl thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of kindergarten today. Her middle sister cried most of the way home because she wanted to go too. And her Mommy wanted so badly to turn around and sit in the classroom so she could see her interact with the other kids and make sure she was included and having a good time.

But she was all smiles when she was done and even remembered names of girls she had just met. She told me all about getting pushed on a swing by a grade one girl and going "SO HIGH", sharing her snack with her cousin, hearing a Bible story, learning a new song, and playing with all the girls in the class. When we came home she wanted to get right to work on her "homework" - a little workbook about the letter "L". So I guess she's ready and hopefully by September her sister and I will be too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amish Bread

My girls made amish bread today to break in their new aprons. They are getting better at this baking thing, I better keep it up.

And anyone want an amish bread starter? It's the bread that never ends.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Notice anything?

I hate to bump down Alyssa's post since today is her actual birthday but Chantel had something exciting happen today too. Notice anything different?

If you still didn't figure it out, this will give it away: she's been bugging me to do this for over a year and it's been especially bad the past couple months. And so we decided together that we'd do it before Uncle Greg's wedding so she'd really match the other girls this way (and get some fancy ones). She did very good for the first one and I had to pin her down for the second (boy did I feel guilty when a couple walked in and gave that "what a terrible parent you are" look). But the tears were gone in 5 seconds and she went back to enjoying her sucker. So far she hasn't complained (unlike her big sis) - and she already asked me to change them for another pair when we came home.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My little quilt designers

We went to a couple fabric stores yesterday and they were giving out swatches of fabric at the till - so the girls picked out three each and wanted me to make them into something. So we added some of my scraps and they each "designed" a little doll blanket. They really seem to match their tastes - Elayna's very feminine and simple and Chantel's more busy and different. Elayna's been getting close to writing her name out by herself and she had to attach it with clips to the top of her quilt. Chantel couldn't wait for me to finish the back of hers so I'll have to finish it off another day so she can play with it today.