Friday, March 18, 2011

the Great Wolf Lodge . . .

This is where we spent the past couple of days . . . relaxing, sitting around in swimsuits, watersliding, eating food I didn't have to make, and enjoying LOTS of family time!
the 'kid cabin' inside our rooma talking tree ~ part of the bedtime show for the kids
the 'clock tower' show
meeting Violet from the wolf family. Justin followed her all around the lobby for awhile.
playing in the arcade
Justin thought this racecar game was a lot more fun before Daddy put money in, now he wouldn't let him steer anymore.
part of the main floor of the lodge, the big windows overlook the waterslide park
entry of the lodge
there were two big waterslides that used rafts, this is the conveyer belt that brought them up.
Daddy and Justin chilling out
getting out of the water after a waterslide
Chantel playing in the water
Elayna having a blast
Alyssa took a snooze poolside
Justin didn't. But the a little bit of pop in a cup and a fork kept him entertained for about an hour.
We were so impressed with how smoothly this hotel runs and how good the staff was; they were on top of everything. There were lots of towels and lifejackets in the waterpark, and a tonne of lifeguards. Our 'kid cabin' room was great and the whole hotel had such a great 'lodge' theme in the way it was decorated. And it was so nice taking the family to a 'family hotel' ~ kids having fun everywhere! We'd love to go back again one year!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

taking some sick days . . .

All the kiddos have been hit with a stomach bug the last couple of days. There's been lots of napping, pajama wearing, TV watching, and laundry. A common phrase around here is "Mom, come here, I need you to hold my hair!". Not so fun. Really hoping that they're all back to normal soon and that Brad & I stay well. Maybe we'll get to find some fun this Spring break when everyone is better . . .

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Elayna's birthday party . . .

Elayna's birthday is during Spring break, so she had a double birthday party with a friend after school yesterday. It is SO nice to share the work with another Mom; I just had to take care of food and drive half the girls home after. We took them 'disco bowling' which was lots of fun!
Blowing out their #8 Cake.Opening gifts.Elayna with one of her friends.
The whole group posing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

not letting go . . .

Justin swiped a hockey stick from my sister's house today and when I put him down for a nap, it was hockey stick in one hand and bottle in the other . . .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

scratchin' his milk belly . . .

We don't actually have beautiful 'play-in-your-diaper-outside' kinda weather yet, but for a few hours yesterday the snow was all melted and it was pretty mild out. And I wanted a cute pic of Justin playing in this dipe for a photo contest. I'm very sad to say that we woke up to a new dusting of snow this morning ~ we're really ready for Spring over here!