Friday, February 23, 2007

auction quilt

So there's a fundraiser tonight for JCS and I was called to make a donation. The donations are supposed to be of your time and most people commit to things they will do in the future - host a workshop, make flower arrangements, make a meal or baking, etc. But with baby on the way, I decided I'd rather put in the time now if I wanted to donate something. So I got this idea to make a rag quilt but wanted to keep costs down and wanted it to appeal to parents of school-age kids. So I made a John Deere quilt from donated jeans cut into squares, my stash of fleece to make the batting, and purchased flannel. Because I was cutting from jeans, I couldn't make the squares larger than 7" so I ended up needing 150 squares for each of the top, middle, and backing - so on I went to cut 450 squares. And I started the project before life got even busier with the house thing, so thankfully I received some much needed help from my friends Laura and Miranda when it came to the piecing and sewing - otherwise I don't think I would have had it done on time! I'm pleased with the finished project and it turned out nice and big - a twin-size quilt (90 x 60). Hopefully there's some interest in it tonight.
Update: It went for a very nice $225!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

bath and curler night . . .

Well having two girls - I get to bring back a memory from childhood of Saturday night baths and curlers. Elayna loves having curly hair like her sister and Chantel has to join in of course. I may have to wet down Chantel's hair in the morning though because the extra curl will probably be a little too much.

Friday, February 16, 2007

quick update . . .

well I've been lacking in posts lately but we've been busy! I'm back at work and loving it and the girls are doing great with a day and a half a week with Teresa and the other day and a half with their Daddy. All the conditions on the sale of our house and purchase of new one went smoothly and we'll be moving between end of March and middle of April.

Pregnancy's going great - only 11 weeks to go! It's going so fast and my only complaint lately has been that this baby is stretched out from one side to the other - much more so than my other two ever were. I wake up on my back all the time because when I lay on my side - I'm laying on the baby anyways - that's how far s/he's spread out. I'm waiting to have the big pop outwards but I just keep going more to the sides instead. Any further and this baby will be on my back.

Here's a pic of the girls taken today - having a peaceful moment together.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

girls caught in play . . .

It's not very often that I get to snap a picture without the girls noticing. As you can tell from the second pic, they love to pose for the camera!

We had a nice lazy day today. Chantel hasn't been feeling a hundred percent the last few days so we missed Bible study and story hour this morning because I didn't want her sharing her runny nose or catching another bug on top of what she already has. The girls played nicely and I got to sleep in, they napped late and long while I read my book and I can't believe it's almost 5 o'clock already! But a casserole is in the oven and my kitchen's clean - it's amazing what you can get done without any plans for the day. I start my annual tax season work in a couple days so things will be busy until the end of April and then the new baby comes. I guess today was the calm before the storm!

We've also been busy this past weekend with the possibility of moving into another house soon. We happened to see a house in our neighbourhood that we really like. It's a split entry - so the upstairs is pretty much the same layout as we have now, and then the downstairs has the laundry, an extra bedroom, a second family room, and storage room. It's a single garage again but has a second driveway that leads to the fence and on the other side of the fence is a concrete pad. Brad is hoping to add a shop in a few years so he can take some jobs from home. The backyard is bigger and has a shed and playhouse for the girls. So we're really excited and the whole thing happened really fast. We put in an offer that was accepted, put our house on the market and got an offer - all in two days! And to think a week ago that we weren't even thinking about moving. But the house was just what we wanted at the right price. Now if everything goes well, then hopefully we can be all settled in before this baby makes an appearance. We have until next week before all the conditions are removed.