Tuesday, December 5, 2006

thought I'd try this . . .

Well after checking my sister's blogs so faithfully I thought I'd give it a try too. I honestly thought they were much more public than they are but after attempting to search for theirs from search engines, I found this one hard to find.

I love to take pics of my kids and thought this would be a fun way to keep some updated pics on the web and for our Neerlandia family to check up on once in awhile (hopefully this doesn't take too long to open each time for them).

Today is Tuesday so we went to bible study this morning where Chantel went to the nursery and did her favorite thing - play with babies! and Elayna went to story hour where they learned the story of John's birth. I love our Tuesday routine and so do my social butterflies. :)
I took this pic about ten minutes ago - Chantel's starting to get a little more photogenic lately but it still usually requires a few shots. Elayna's got it all figured by now and is a great little poser.
Only 20 days to Christmas!!


Suzanne said...

I like the picture of the girls. Thanks for starting this Becca. I will try to keep up with it. Take care.

Peter & Margaret Aikema said...

Hello from Neerlandia!
Some how the first one I tried just posted when I had hardly started it. Yes, this blog pops up just like that, so this is just wonderful. I'm amazed at how much Elayna & Chantel change! The pictures are so cute. This just makes me want to come sooner than the 25th. My shoulders just sag, when I think of how far away you all are. We just had Kevin, Shari & Averi here this morning, and the spent together is just so precious. I often wonder what the girls would be doing and just to be able to hug them. So often I still hear Elayna coming down the stairs calling "gramma, gramma!" But, they have real large part of our hearts occupied full time.
I'm so thrilled that they like the outfits for the dolls. Right now I'm working on the afghan for Auntie Corinne. It's keeeping me quite busy along with all the Christmas cards.
We have to go out for awhile, but Ill get back on soon.
Lots of love from Grampa & Gramma