Sunday, March 4, 2007

story time with daddy . . .

The girls love to settle down for story time with daddy in the evenings. The girls have been having daddy all to themselves on Saturdays lately as well as I've been working every Saturday. They usually go out for breakfast to somewhere with a playplace, take an afternoon nap, and then run an errand like Canadian Tire, or they go to Brad's work to wash the van and then let the girls play in the showroom (they love to explore all the vehicles in and out), or a visit to one of their aunts and uncles houses. Brad makes sure that his day off is still relaxing even with having the girls to himself all day.


Sue said...

The girls sure look content having daddy read to them. I'm sure that they enjoy their daddy time just as much as he enjoys it. Take care.
L. Sue

Anonymous said...

Keep on reading to them Brad! I always found it be such a relaxing time, and it's so good for them.
Love Mom