Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Elayna's no-nap day

Elayna had a no-nap day yesterday which means lots of meltdowns. I couldn't resist taking some pics during one - she was mad because I woudn't give her the camera so she could take a picture of herself.


Andrea said...

Wowsers... can you say "drama queen"??? lol! Great pics. You can really tell in these pictures how light Elayna's hair is getting from all the sunshine she's been getting!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope that there are not many of those days. Wow! what expressive pictures! Her hair sure is long and light.

Anonymous said...

Hello Elayna
It looks like you need a big hug from Gramma!!! I bet that you gave Mommy a big hug after you were so unhappy.
Even Grampa takes naps, and then he feels a lot better.
lots of love from Gramma