Monday, November 3, 2008

what we've been up to . . .

Well October is done already. We fought quite a few colds and sore throats in this house, and our littlest one also got strep throat and an ear infection. So there were many interrupted nights, and snuggles, and sleeping in late. My sewing room is feeling neglected but I'm hoping that some fabric I won here and here will help inspire me to get sewing again.

I did get through a couple hundred giveaways from the bloggy carnival as well but with over 1300 of them, I gave up. It was also a busy week for me because I was an organizer for our annual Harvestfest at our church - it's a games and silent auction night on halloween. The girls had a great time playing games for candy and the event made a lot of money for our Gems & Cadets club. I also picked up some cute little boxes there to display fabric in and hope to get them and the rest of my shelving up in my sewing room when my hubby gets two days off next week.

The kitty is now loved by all three girls and is often treated like a baby, getting carried around and snuggled. She's found a couple hiding places for when she needs a break, and the early morning meowing when she's lonely I could do without; but it's going better than I expected.

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the pearson ANTiCS said...

Hi there!
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