Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kitchen cabinets are in!!

Thanks to a lot of hard work from Brad's three brothers and his Dad, our cabinets were installed this past weekend! We love them - and have been happily living in our own house again and using them (we stayed with my parents for a week while we were kitchen-less). There are so many functional and custom features about this kitchen that I love! Like the big pantry cupboard, the corner Le Mans system, the pull-out garbage/recycle cabinet, the size of the island, the wine rack and wine glass holders, all the deep drawers for my cookware and tupperware, the slideouts, the amount of drawers that I have now, and so much more! Brad put in a sink last night (after I took these pics) and the dishwasher will be functional again by the end of the day. The tile for the backsplash is on order and should come in Friday. After that, the kitchen will be finished! I'll make sure to take more pics when it's all done. So now the only thing left on our list of home improvements is that the last of the windows in the house are being replaced, but the workers are here right now so they should be done by tomorrow.


cathy said...

What a beautiful kitchen! I am having kitchen envy! Our kitchen doesn't look so lovley! My six are beating it up! Hopefully in a few years!

I found your blog through Theresa!

Sue said...

Your kitchen looks awesome! I'm sure you will enjoy it more and more every day. Take care.

Jessica said...

WOW- it looks amazing!! So different then before. It has a very rich feel. What a great place to spend hours each day!!