Wednesday, June 2, 2010

yogurt making . . .

Well this is something I thought I'd never do, but I made yogurt this week! Since it seems that Justin has a cows milk allergy, and he's a big eater, I thought I should add goats milk yogurt to his diet. But it cost $5 for a small unflavored little tub. Then I came accross a blog of home cooking, and some simple instructions to make yogurt in a slow cooker. And it worked!

So, here's my math:
2 cups of store bought goats milk yogurt = $5
8 cups of homemade goats milk yogurt = $5

My girls all like yogurt too, but it gets eaten up so fast around here that I rarely buy it. So I thought, why not? and made a batch for them too.
3 cup tub of cows milk yogurt = $3
8 cups of homemade cows milk yogurt = $3

The goats milk yogurt didn't seem to set properly, but after being in the fridge for half a day, it changed consistency and gelled up. The cows milk yogurt gelled up in the slow cooker already. I still have to add fruit and/or sweeteners because this is just a plain yogurt that it makes, but it's still a huge savings (and you can only buy goats milk yogurt unflavored anyways). And I did use the tip of adding the unflavored gelatin - I didn't want to take a chance that it would be too runny. So my kids are all happy, they can have yogurt everyday now if they want!

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Margaret Aikema said...

What a good idea. Thanks Becca