Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer camping trip . . .

We just went away for a week of family camping. The first 4 nights we spent at the VDH reunion, and the last 2 nights with just Brad's parents and his brother Rob. We bought a big tent and shared all the cooking/eating with my in-laws. We had a LOT of fun, and made some great memories. The two older girls made friends with cousins' kids, loved swimming with Aunty Missy, got to go on their first tube ride, and were even allowed to explore the second campground on their own since we knew so many other campers there. Alyssa and Justin were both good little campers ~ they enjoyed the outdoors, and slept well (except Justin's early mornings, but I think he enjoyed the early morning walks that they resulted in). We're already looking forward to next year!
Here's some pics of some of the acitivies we did ~ face painting, water fights, hiking, and there was so much more! I'm hoping to get a CD from the "family photographers" at the reunion because I was often busy having fun with the kids and kept forgetting to pull out my camera.

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Sue said...

Great pics! So glad that all had a fun time. :D