Monday, November 8, 2010

a sweet moment . . .

I was just in the middle of my usual morning routine ~ a coffee while I catch up on my emails and blogroll, when I overheard this . . .

Kaitlyn ~ "Meagan is MY sister!! She only likes ME!" (my nieces are here for the day)
So I called Kaitlyn over to me and told her that Meagan likes everyone, including her cousin Alyssa (my daughter).
So Kaitlyn goes back to the other girls and this is what I hear next . . .
Alyssa ~ "Did my Mom make you cry?"
Kaitlyn ~ "No. She told me that Meagan likes everybody."
Alyssa ~ "That's because we're all FRIENDS!! HUG!"
By this time I had my camera in hand and grabbed some pics. These are the kind of sweet moments that make it easy to forget the frustrating ones.

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