Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chantel's new shoes . . .

A week ago I received an email from Strite Rite shoes offering a free pair of runners in exchange for doing a giveaway for a second pair on my blog. I had never contacted this company, but the timing couldn't have been better because Chantel was in dire need of a new pair of runners. The shoes arrived yesterday and Chantel was home sick with a virus that's been going around so she got to open them right away.
She absolutely LOVES the new shoes! I did have to take a pair of scissors to them though ~ my kids have wide feet and they had elastic sewn from the sides of the tongue of the shoes to the base inside the shoe. I've had this problem before with a pair that were a gift, so I knew that if I just snipped out these pieces they should fit her fine. SO thankful that it worked (it's not every day that you take a pair of scissors to a $50 new item); they fit her great now!

And she had to quickly get dressed to try them on. But Justin had a blast playing with them and setting off the lights while she was gone :)

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Margaret Aikema said...

Chantel, those are very nice runners!