Friday, September 9, 2011

the little guy is 2!

We had a birthday party with his little buddies this morning.  He got spoiled with books, his first Lego, John Deere trucks, and even some power tools!

Because of Justin's egg allergy, I substituted bananas for the eggs in the cupcakes.  They turned out really yummy!  I think I actually prefer them this way for future parties for the girls too.

Daddy had the day off, and went on a fieldtrip with Elayna this morning, but came home just in time for lunch and presents :)

After dinner, we finished off the cupcakes for dessert.

And Justin opened up his present from us.

I think he likes it :)
And we got him a 'big boy' bed a few days ago, but kept the crib set up for now because I haven't bought the proper mattress protector and sheets yet.  But tonight at bedtime, he started pointing at the bed and standing up and screaming in the crib ~ so, we gave it a try and he went straight to sleep in it.  I can't believe how quickly this little guy is growing up!


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Justin! Looks like he had a great time and got super spoiled. He looks so small in his big boy bed.

Margaret Aikema said...

Justin looks so neat in his big bed and it looks like you all had a good day. Miss you all being so far away!