Sunday, January 28, 2007

Well this picture pretty much sums up Chantel's evening. She's had one meltdown after another. It started with not wanting to eat dinner and Elayna ate all of hers so Elayna got a bath and Chantel had to watch (that's why Elayna has wet hair). But Sundays are always hard on them because of shortened naps and today was no exception. We had to wake Chantel for the afternoon service and she was NOT ready to wake up. Elayna caught a half hour nap during the service. But I guess it all amounts to early bedtimes tonight - and I can definitely handle that!


Andrea said...

Awwhhhh... poor girlie! just looking at that pic, I can almost hear her crying. Well, early bed times aren't so bad either!

Anonymous said...

Awwhhh from Alberta too!!! Chantel looks just so sad. But, Dad & Mom should know best, even though gramma feels sad.

Rebecca, how do I get our name to show above the comment. The user name part, won't let me post at all. Sorry for being such a pain.
Wasn't sure what you meant with posting through your hotmail address. But at least I can post. I always do check out the pictures. Enjoy that a lot!
Love, Mom