Friday, October 12, 2007


Chantel received a special delivery from Grampa and Gramma today which included a book, friendship bracelets, stickers, and some socks. They're called LittleMissMatched and came in a pack of three socks. The idea is that you purposely wear a non-matching pair of socks. My first instinct was to find an identical set on Ebay so she could match but that's just me and my nature I guess. Chantel on the other hand thought this was a great idea and loves being mismatched. Now my only problem will be getting them through the wash regularly cause I'm sure she'll be asking for them all the time now! And I did check out their website, the swimsuits and pajamas are especially cute.


Yvonne said...

very cute but I think I'd buy a matching set too .... something just doesn't sit right?

Mom Aikema said...

My little gift sure caused some problems. I'm not really sorry, because I thought they were really cute and figured that Chantel would like them. If you really want Rebecca, I can see if I can find an identical set for you. Just let me know. The family pictures are sure nice. Would love to have some of them if possible. I can pick them up at Costco if that works.