Thursday, October 25, 2007


well my camera has been stuck in the back of the van for the past couple days and I keep forgetting to grab it so no pics this time but I wanted to give a quick update anyways.

Elayna has been sick today - she woke up a few times last night and I thought it was an ear infection but then this morning she threw up - on my new carpet - and we had to cancel our morning plans. And her ear feels better today. She's the sweetest sick kid with huge grins right after she lost her lunch and keeps trying to convince me that "I'm all better now, I'm not sick anymore." But she's on her third nap today and hasn't done much besides watch tv. Hopefully the other two stay healthy.

Brad and I have been talking for awhile about getting away for a weekend with no kiddies and we finally went ahead and picked a weekend and booked something. So for two nights next month I'll be leaving my baby with an aunt and the older girls with sisters. I can't wait but I'm also wondering how I'll do without Alyssa - I haven't been away from her more than a couple hours since she was born. Oh well, there's a first for everything. I think this is the fourth time we're getting away without kids for a weekend since Elayna was born and every time I come back feeling thankful for the break and having more energy for the kids again.


Yvonne said...

You go girl! I am jealous ... once the busyness slows down we plan to do the same!

Mom Aikema said...

Have you figured out where yet? Sometimes just looking forward to going is exciting!