Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some pics of the gals . . .

I have been crafting but it's mostly Christmas gifts so I won't be showing any pics of those. We've been busy with the December bustle and the realization that Christmas is getting so close already! This past weekend was my husband's staff Christmas party - lots of fun! And last night was my Christmas party (I do some data entry from home for a dutch store) - also lots of fun! And next week will be filled with christmas programs from the girls' schools and Elayna's tonsilectemy is scheduled for next week as well.

So since I don't like to post without pics, here's some cute pics of the girls. The outfit that Elayna is wearing was won on an online giveaway from this store.


Sue said...

What gorgeous girls! They sure love the camera :)

Irma said...

I love Elayna's hair like that! The curls suit her. (-:

Tiffany said...

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So please encourage your readers to head over to the Crafty Homemaker and vote for you plus when they do vote for you they are put into a different drawing! Again I just love you blog and thank you for all you do!
Good Luck