Tuesday, June 23, 2009

baby update . . .

So yes, my body is still being taken over by a precious little one. And thank you to some wonderful ladies and strangers these past weeks that told me I looked small for how far along I am (they make up for the comment I got asking if I was due already - I LOVE how people feel that pregnant women's weight gain is fair play for commenting). And I'm actually loving being preggo through this Summer - no school commitments for the kids, easy suppers because my hubby loves to BBQ, and my AC is keeping me cool on warmer days. The baby is already head-down and I can often figure out which side it's flipped to by feeling the back and bum and little feet on opposite side (this baby has been super active and bumps protrude on a regular basis). And I'm already over 30 weeks - less than 10 to go!

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