Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chantel's Sports Day

This morning Chantel's preschool had their Sports Day. There were lots of games, a scavenger hunt, a candy scramble (the girls came home with WAY too much), and a potluck/hot dog lunch. It was great - especially since they had a couple tents set up for shade, a big fenced in grassy area that the little ones couldn't escape from, and it was only a half day. One of the highlights was a craft where the kids got to make their own visors - perfect idea because it was hot and they kept them on since they made them themselves (kits are from Walmart).

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Sue said...

Wish we had that kind of weather for our sports day today! It's a little chilly...and looks like we might get rained on so....send some sun our way...please!!! :)