Friday, February 23, 2007

auction quilt

So there's a fundraiser tonight for JCS and I was called to make a donation. The donations are supposed to be of your time and most people commit to things they will do in the future - host a workshop, make flower arrangements, make a meal or baking, etc. But with baby on the way, I decided I'd rather put in the time now if I wanted to donate something. So I got this idea to make a rag quilt but wanted to keep costs down and wanted it to appeal to parents of school-age kids. So I made a John Deere quilt from donated jeans cut into squares, my stash of fleece to make the batting, and purchased flannel. Because I was cutting from jeans, I couldn't make the squares larger than 7" so I ended up needing 150 squares for each of the top, middle, and backing - so on I went to cut 450 squares. And I started the project before life got even busier with the house thing, so thankfully I received some much needed help from my friends Laura and Miranda when it came to the piecing and sewing - otherwise I don't think I would have had it done on time! I'm pleased with the finished project and it turned out nice and big - a twin-size quilt (90 x 60). Hopefully there's some interest in it tonight.
Update: It went for a very nice $225!


Sue said...

The quilt looks great Becca! What a price for the quilt too! Makes it worth it hey?!!!:) Take care.
L. Sue

Anonymous said...

Th quilt turned out really nice Becca! That still looks like a lot of work. That's the idea I would like to do with all of my flannel shirts. Hopefully I can get into that rather quickly. You inspire me to do it.
Love, Mom