Friday, February 16, 2007

quick update . . .

well I've been lacking in posts lately but we've been busy! I'm back at work and loving it and the girls are doing great with a day and a half a week with Teresa and the other day and a half with their Daddy. All the conditions on the sale of our house and purchase of new one went smoothly and we'll be moving between end of March and middle of April.

Pregnancy's going great - only 11 weeks to go! It's going so fast and my only complaint lately has been that this baby is stretched out from one side to the other - much more so than my other two ever were. I wake up on my back all the time because when I lay on my side - I'm laying on the baby anyways - that's how far s/he's spread out. I'm waiting to have the big pop outwards but I just keep going more to the sides instead. Any further and this baby will be on my back.

Here's a pic of the girls taken today - having a peaceful moment together.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there
Sure looks cute having the girls sit on the kitchen from Rob! Do they still like playing with it? Obviously, you see that I can get on this site. Suzanne told to go the anonymous way and not to use the user name part. So far so good.
Love, Mom