Saturday, November 10, 2007

6 months old already!

Alyssa is six months old today. She now has two little teeth on the bottom - and loves to chomp on anything! She is sleeping much better through the night - just up once for a quick bottle and diaper change and back to sleep. I'm going to be working on that next to try get her sleeping through it but am just enjoying that it's only once right now and not three or four times anymore! Her stuffy/runny nose situation has definitely improved since she's been put on soy formula. The difference is amazing and it's only been a few weeks since she started. Swaddling for bed has turned into a must for her now - even for naps. She loves it and I like that she doesn't wake up with cold hands anymore. She's just starting on rice cereal and the older girls think it's hilarious. When Alyssa spits it out, they laugh at her, and then since she knows it's funny, she keeps spitting it out with sound effects and the works. So I have to keep reminding the older girls not to laugh when she's eating. Alyssa is still such a good-natured happy baby full of smiles, sound effects, and body movements, all in hopes of getting a funny reaction from someone.

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