Thursday, November 1, 2007


Last night we took part in a fundraiser at our church for our Gems and Cadets groups. They call it Harvestfest and it's an alternative to trick or treating. It's great for our kids since they're a little young for trick or treating, get less candy this way, see their friends, and it's more fun for Brad and I too. There was a soup and buns dinner, games with candy for prizes, a silent auction (which we got some really great deals on), and it was just lots of fun to see friends and have a night out as a family. Brad and I also took part in some of the organizing again this year since Brad is a Cadets leader this year (last year I was a Gems helper). We helped collect silent auction items, took a shift in the kitchen and at a game, and the clean-up after. We left Alyssa with my parents to make it easier (although there is babysitting there, just not for the clean-up) and since the whole thing was over by 8:30, we went back to my parents after and put the kids to bed so we could get in a hot tub dip still. We did still dress up the girls last night. They have lots of dress up clothes so it was nice to not have to go buy them special outfits. There were more kids dressed up there too and it's especially cute when it's the little ones. We also dressed them up because if you bring your kids in costume to our local Quizno's then you get a free kids meal. My kids are not the best eaters, especially when it comes to soup, so this way they got a ham and cheese sandwich in them before the candy and chocolate began.

The only downside last night, was that they did a birdfeeder again this year (a pinecone slathered in peanut butter and then rolled in birdseed). I'm allergic to nuts and remembered getting a bit of a reaction last year from being in the same room, but this year was a lot worse. On the way home, I was getting a little nervous about not having my epipen with me. My head and throat were feeling swollen and it just seemed to keep getting worse instead of better. Thankfully a couple benadryl did the trick and I was feeling better pretty quick. I still have a bit of a scratchy throat today from it but it usually takes a couple days for a reaction to wear off for me. Guess my allergies are getting worse.


Yvonne said...

I"m surprised they still do the birdfeeder if there is anyone in the congregation with such an allergy!?!?! We thought about going too but the kids hardly know what Halloween is and couldn't be bothered!

Mom Aikema said...

Rebecca, I wouldn't even wait till next year, but simply let the people in your church know. This is not something little, because it can be very dangerous, and happen in no time flat. Your first concern is for Brad & your children. I'm sure that every one would understand. I didn't realize though that you actually carried an "epipen". Just keep reminding us all, because it's so easy to forget. Love Mom