Friday, November 2, 2007

Elayna's hearing

Since Elayna was sick last week I've noticed she's been having a hard time hearing. In order to make sure she hears you, you have to literally get in her face, talk to her and make her repeat it, otherwise chances are she didn't catch what was said or caught the wrong thing.

So this morning I took her to get checked out and the doctor found a double ear infection. She hasn't been complaining at all so I didn't think that would be it but now she's on antibiotics and hopefully there'll be less yelling here in a week.


Andrea said...

I'm so glad you found out what the problem was with her ears.. poor girlie, and she didn't even complain!!

Mom Aikema said...

That's very unusual not to have pain with an ear infection, never mind a double one. Sure glad you caught it before it made a hole! That is a beautiful picture of Elayna. Give her a big hug from Gramma

Katrina said...

love that picture of Elayna! Hope she can hear again soon. Hey btw what weekend are you guys going away again?