Tuesday, December 18, 2007

gingerbread men

This morning we went to our regular bible study/story hour but since it's the last one before Christmas, we had a bit of a party instead. The kids made candy cane's with eyes and antlers, colored some pictures, ate a LOT, and decorated gingerbread men. The ladies had a choice of stamping a candle or making a decorative orange (preserved with spices and cloves, it's making my house smell really nice right now!), and we also ate a LOT! It was a fun morning out and the girls did really well and were very proud of their creations.
So what do you think? Do they look as different from each other as my two girls do? It's funny how I often get comments that Elayna and Chantel don't look like sisters - but yet they still have lots of characteristics from Brad and I. But when it comes to their baby pics, I'm always looking at the clothing to figure out who is who (good thing they were born at opposite times of the year to make that easier on me).

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Shari said...

I think they look like sisters, you can see it in this picture especially. I see Elayna in Averi all the time. It is kinda neat to see the family resemblances.