Saturday, December 29, 2007

winter fun night

We had our annual "night-out" with friends last night and decided to include the kids this year. We first went to Minter Gardens for the train ride which was very exciting for the kids, then we all came back to our place and the kids did mini gingerbread houses. Then the "big" kids went downstairs to settle in for a Christmas movie while the little ones went to bed. Then when they all expired, we put all the big kids to bed too - we had 12 kids aged four and under ASLEEP in our house! It was great and I love it that all our friends put them down and didn't try to keep any up.

The adults got to have such a fun night with our gift stealing game - which was hilarious - Brad's abs are still hurting from all the laughing. And even with all our hollering and socializing (we are not a quiet group of eleven), the kids managed to stay sleeping. Then we played some games until we realized how late it was. And I loved hosting it (I didn't have to move my kids at the end of the night for once), and it was an easy clean-up.

Hopefully we can do something like this again next year as the kids had such a blast, they're still talking about it and had GREAT naps today!

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Sue said...

Sure sounds and looks like alot of fun was had by all. Nice that all the kids slept too.