Saturday, December 29, 2007

new cuddly jammies

I thought I'd take some pics of the girls in their new cuddly jammies tonight. Well the first pic ended up being the best:
and about thirty pics later I realized that I should never tell them to say "cheese" cause this is what you get:

and then this is them really not cooperating:

then I finally got some good smiles out of them but Alyssa found the ceiling more interesting:
and one of the last pics turned out cute except you can see that Alyssa had had enough by this point so she's pretty teary:


Margaret Aikema said...

Those are such gorgeous pictures. We're glad all had fun. The girls all look sweet in their new pj's. Talk to you soon.

Lots of love Mom

trishia said...

lol! I have five young children, so I know what you mean... you just made me laugh out loud during my quiet morning coffee time and now I think I woke the baby! :)
love your blog, btw.