Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Health update

Just an update on our health issues:

-Brad's been scheduled for surgery to fix his hernia and is going to be off work for three works. Thankfully we have insurance for this and that it's winter and not the busy summer months at his job.

-Elayna has an appointment scheduled with a specialist to get tubes put in her ears. Antibiotics did not clear up the fluid and she still doesn't have her full hearing. It's frustrating but after two months, we've adjusted to her louder singing and having to get in the room with her when we're calling her for something.

-Alyssa has had a 100% turn-around with her congestion. I used a health store product called Coryzalia the last time she had a bad cold. It's pre-measured doses three times a day for five days. It's especially recommended for repeating colds. It seems to have done the trick!

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Sue said...

Glad to hear that progress is being made with dates and such and hope all goes well with the surgeries. Take care.