Thursday, January 3, 2008

my biggest clothing purchase off Ebay

I love Ebay. I've bought my double stroller off there, lots of kids clothes, some clothes for myself (especially maternity!), Boyds Bear blanket and pillow, our comforter for our bed (which we got for a third of the price as the same one at the Bay - and we still love it five years later), gifts for people, FABRIC!!, Sunday shoes and dresses for the girls, etc, etc. I love finding things for a better deal than the stores, and being able to avoid the malls. I buy some things second hand in good condition, but a lot of things brand new.

So I came accross this auction for size 5 girls clothes - 6 complete outfits (3 that included a matching jacket), and a size 6 fancy dress (that we'll be saving for Elayna's Christmas concert next year). I received the big box yesterday and am very pleased with the quality of all these new (and good brand names) items (tags still attached). All of the clothes have room to grow but she can wear some of them now already (she's just outgrowing size 4 but not quite a size 5 yet). I'll be putting some aside for September when she starts kindergarten (which will be nice for the back-to-school budget). I would definitely buy in bulk like this again! It saved on shipping and I'm done for awhile with her!


Gramma said...

Hello Elayna
Wow, did you ever get some nice outfits, and they all look so nice on you. Mommy sure made some nice pictures and then put them all together in one. Pretty smart!! Are you looking forward to going to kindergarten in September. Gramma can't believe how big you are getting already. Enjoy your new clothes!!
Lots of love from Gramma

Anonymous said...

wow...good score...she'll be all set for school for sure! I'll have to have a look on Ebay too!
And I like how you did the collage of all 6 pictures too. Looks good!

Yvonne said...

Very cute! I am scared to start with EBAY!!! One day when I want something bad enough I may come to you for advice!

Sue said...

Nicely done Rebecca! that sure was a good purchase. The clothes look very nice on her as well. She will definitely be very well dressed for school. Take care.