Friday, January 25, 2008

one of those days . . .

Although this pic wasn't taken today, it kinda describes the kids today - lots of meltdowns and misbehaving. It probably doesn't help that we've all got a bit of the sniffles too. They had early naps (by request, that's how tired they were) and then by late afternoon they were all over tired again and bouncing off walls. I got a workout cleaning crayon off the girls bedroom wall (too bad I painted it last month, otherwise I would have left it like last time), and had my patience tested a LOT today. But in the middle of it all, there was still some laughs and calmer moments - and I definitely enjoyed when they were all napping at the same time.
I attended a presentation on early literacy yesterday which I really enjoyed. It really highlighted the areas the girls were excelling in and showed me some activities and ideas on how to work on their literacy skills. I had already been seeing a big improvement in their letter recognition lately (thanks to the Word Whammer we got for Chantel's birthday) and Elayna has really started getting better at writing letters lately. She still hasn't written her whole name out but has written "OPA" and a bunch of other letters. She likes to ask what letter spells something and then tries to write it. We also got a list of good internet sites for games and activities for kids and the girls have tried a few. I find it frustrating to find good ones for Chantel since she doesn't have control of the mouse yet but Elayna is doing quite well with it.
Brad's been busy over the past week taking out tile and replacing drywall in the bathroom upstairs in order to get it ready for a new tub surround (gotta get it done before the surgery!) and I've been busy getting the downstairs bedroom cleared out (I moved all the cabinets to the garage by myself) to get it ready for a boarder moving in with us this weekend. So I haven't been touching my sewing machine much except to make a new cover for a high chair for our church nursery - much easier since I already made one for ours, all I had to do was trace and cut since it's the same size. Hopefully next week will be back to normal around here.

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Mom Aikema said...

This picture sure tells all! I remember some of those days.