Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chantel is 4!

Our Princess Ariel (as she'd like to be called) turned four yesterday. We had a house full of kids and Moms and she of course was spoiled. We've noticed some changes in our middle "baby" lately - she has become one of our better eaters (that is, if she stops talking long enough to eat) and has started caring for her toys and cleaning up after herself better. She's also quick to say "sorry" (and even sound like she means it), is competitive (turning things into a race or game is a great motivator for her), and is slowing learning patience (definitely her weakness). She's also turning into more of a cuddler lately and last night when she crawled into bed with us I realized that she doesn't squirm and kick like she used to - she just cuddled right into me and we slept till morning.


Des said...

super cute cake idea!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Chantel!!

corina said...

What a lovely birthdayparty, congratulations!