Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our toddler . . .

Today I found 13 pictures on my camera that must've been taken by Elayna of Alyssa. It seems that my 5 year old wants to be a photographer when she grows up . . . she's even mastered the ability to make a toddler sit still (something she won't do for me).
Alyssa has been walking for the past month or two now so she's a late walker (just like her big sisters) and suddenly she seems waaaay older and not a baby anymore. She's been picking up lots of words such as juice, baby, sock, shoe, Chantel, bye, night, Amen, and so on. She is SPOILED - but that's because she has two big sisters doting on her (and me too of course). She still tries to demand a bottle in the middle of the night but goes back to sleep if I tell her no and it's night-night time. She loves to get a laugh and can give a LOT of attitude at times. She's definitely a "little person" now, with a personality to go with it.

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