Tuesday, October 7, 2008

parenting . . .

So most of my time is spent parenting my three little ones (even though I choose not to share all the boring details here) and since school has started, I've been feeling more like a parent than ever. I guess that's because I now have to take part in the school stuff and the baby stuff all at the same time. School has been great for the older girls. Elayna is learning so much and loving every minute. And Chantel has no problem with me leaving the classroom (something we really struggled with in storyhour last year), she's practically shoving me out the door. And Alyssa still gets enough attention from her big sisters, and even has a cousin join us two days a week so there's no lack of attention there.

The only "problem" I guess you could call it, is that since Alyssa is the youngest, the older girls think they can still pick her up and often get a bit rough with her (she is only 10 pounds lighter than them so she's not the easiest to get what you want her to to do). Yesterday Chantel & Alyssa were "playing" on the couch when somehow Alyssa came tumbling off and her mouth hit the coffee table. A lot of blood, a call to the Nurseline, and a doctor's visit later it was determined that it's a small cut (that piece of skin that holds your upper lip to your gum is partially split) but it will heal on its own. If it had kept bleeding, she would have had to go for a couple stitches but that would have involved anesthesia and the whole works so it was recommended that we just leave it as is. So she had a bit of a rough day and woke up a few extra times last night. Here's a pic of her getting a cuddle from daddy when she woke up late last night.


Irma said...

Hi....I found your blog while blog hopping!Wow you sure are a good seamstress! It sounds like you very much enjoy this hobby.(-:

Our kids forever try to tote each other around as well...I always ask them when the one that gets picked up starts to scream...ya think he/she likes it....It would definitely help if they would just give each other some space.

Bridget said...

Poor little thing, she looks so cute in her picture though. That happens in our house too. My 2 yr old is really good at holding her own now that she's been dropped and wrestled with by my oldest.

Christina said...

Hey Rebecca,
Your mother-in-law sent me the link to your blog recently. You are right talented! Where do you find the time?
L A.Ena