Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elayna is 5!!!!

My gorgeous 5 year old!Making the craft (decorating crowns)Waiting "patiently" for cake Blowing out the candlesEating cake Playing "pin the tail on the donkey"Trying to decide where to start with all those presents
Someone was SPOILED And a princess wave until next time from Miss. Alyssa


Anonymous said...

lol...nice princess wave Alyssa!!

Christie said...

They DID turn out! Great job. Happy birthday to your little princess.

Anonymous said...

Wow good job on everything Becca, tell Elayna Happy Birthday from all of us here, especially from Averi.


Jessica said...

Aww- Happy Birthday Elayna!! I love your craft idea of decorating crowns- I might steal it for my kids' party!! All those girls look so cute dressed in pretty dresses!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the princesses sure had a lot of fun. Good ideas to keep the kids busy. Alyssa is sooo cute!! Wish Elayna a happy birthday from me. Take care.
Love, Aunty Sue

Mom Aikema said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Alyssa's picture is priceless. What a sweetheart. What a neat idea with the crowns! You sure got a lot of beautiful gifts Elayna. But thats okay, because being 5 years old is sure special!!