Thursday, March 6, 2008

New bunkbeds!

I've been wanting Chantel out of her toddler bed for awhile now (her limbs banging against the wall in her sleep was our sign that she'd outgrown it) so I had just started looking into buying them a bunk bed. We were going to buy new but came accross a great deal in the Buy & Sell yesterday and had to grab it. This set was only used for a couple years and is in great shape - and the mattresses are even Sealy Posturpedic, the girls will be sleeping in comfort! It can come apart in to two separate beds and came with two sets of drawers for underneath (the second set is hiding behind the other for now). I am so happy with it - it was worth the two hours of driving and having to take two vehicles when we picked it up. The only problem is that Chantel moved into a bigger bed so suddenly, that I haven't started on her quilt yet. I guess I'll have to bump that up on my list of projects.


Jessica said...

Wow- that is an awesome bunkbed set!! Love the girly room!!

Anonymous said...

Josh is going to be insanely jealous. He wants bunk beds with Lucas SO badly.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the girls are happy with their beds and what great shape the beds are in is a bonus!

Mom Aikema said...

Way to go Rebecca! You sure are some shopper. What does Chantel think about sleeping so high up? You're lucky to have found them in such good shape.

Love, Mom