Friday, March 21, 2008

Presents from Grampa & Gramma

The girls received a special delivery this morning (care of Uncle Dennis & Missy) - toe socks, a necklace kit, and some beautiful bracelets to match their Sunday dresses (too bad we opened the gift after the Easter service this morning). They were very excited to exchange their tights for the new socks and made necklaces with the words "FUN" and "GIRL".


Gramma said...

Hello Elayna & Chantel
Gramma sure likes your neat toe socks. They sure are colorful! I hope you both have lots of fun with them. When you wear them, your Dad & Mom will always know where you are. I think that I gave the wrong color bracelets to the girls. I thought Elayna's dress was the purple one. Just switch them (I'm sure you have already). Grampa & Gramma send you both a great big bear hug. That means that we love you a whole lot and miss you all the time. See you soon!!

Sue said...

Have fun with your new gifts girls. The socks look great! Take care!
Love, Auntie Sue