Sunday, April 27, 2008

A really fun day and a brush with cartoon fame!

So yesterday was Brad's second Saturday working since the big days-off switch and again we found something fun to do for the day. (Last Saturday we went to a big anniversary thing at a local toy store where the girls got their faces painted and a clown made them balloon flowers - no, I am not that talented with face paint). Yesterday we went to a Kids Fair in Cloverdale where the girls got to meet and greet with Clifford, Dora, and Diego - wow, were they excited! I think even Alyssa recognized Dora as she kept looking up at her. There were also tonnes of vendors, free food samples, draws, shows, and animals. The girls loved the baby chicks, turtles, and even petted a snake (maybe Elayna's getting braver? Or she really likes reptiles!). I had to include the last pic of Ed and the girls - too cute! I think he got a few looks walking around with three women, and eight kids under the age of 5.


Anonymous said...

No kidding...Elayna can touch a snake but freaks out over our cat????? Looks like you'll have to get some creepy pets at your place!!!


Anonymous said...

Hehe I was thinking the same thing as Laura, maybe she will be better when she is here next year with all the pets. :) Looks like lots of fun, Averi would have loved all that stuff.